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    2015 US CHAMPS

    March 26-29, 2015

    Ladies MO Q - Mar. 26
    Men's MO Q - Mar. 27
    Ladies and Men's MO Finals - Mar. 27
    Aerials - Mar. 28
    Dual Moguls - Mar. 29



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IOC - Says Yes to Ski Halfpipe

The IOC Sports Programme Commission has met and agreed to put forth Ski Halfpipe for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, RUS. The next step is the IOC Executive Committee will meet in the next few weeks to make the final decision. Big Congrats to the FIS for the courage to step forth and put this forward and for all the people who have worked on this process.

AFP World Tour - Current Rankings

Ladies SKI HALFPIPE - Current AFP Standings - 09/15/10 1 GUNNING Megan 450 1 SIGOURNEY Brita 450 3 AUSTIN Mikey 383 4 HAUPT Hannah 360 4 KUZMA Janina 360 6 CRANE-MAUZY Jamie 270 6 LOGAN Devin 270 8 PETERSON Blake 225 8 SEGAL Anna 225 10 HANSEN Keltie 203 Ladies SKI SLOPESTYLE - Current AFP Standings - 09/15/10 1 CRANE-MAUZY Jamie 675 2 GUNNING Megan 495 3 LAMARRE Kim 450 4 HANSEN Keltie 360 4 SEGAL Anna 360 6 RAGETTLI Nina 342 7 LOGAN Devin 270 8 AUSTIN Mikey 203 8 PETERSON Blake 203 10 HARTLEY Kate 180

Jr Worlds comes to a close! Ski HP in the Fog! Congrats USA

SOURCE: Jr. Worlds - LAKE WANAKA, New Zealand (August 29, 2010) ?Ǩ Noah Bowman (CAN) and Britta Sigourney (USA) were today crowned as the first FIS Junior World Champions in the freestyle ski halfpipe. A heavy overnight snowfall delayed start while the pipe was emptied of snow but by 1.00pm competition was underway for a two-run final. Bowman threw down the run of the day in his first run, which in hindsight was good planning on his part. A huge left 5 mute into a right 7 tail, into a switch left 7 mute, right 5 reverse mute, left 9 tail, perfectly executed earned him 40.5. Walter Wood of USA and Kristopher Atkinson (CAN) took second and third respectively. Stop-start conditions and eventual dense fog saw the men?ǨѢs finals being decided on just one run causing disappointment among competitors who didn?ǨѢt land their first run which included one of the top riders, Byron Wells (NZE). ?Ǩ?I wasn?ǨѢt too worried about the weather,?Ǩ said Bowman. ?Ǩ?I did a safer run for my first run and was planning to do a harder one second time round but luckily I scored well on that first run."

Jr. Worlds Ski Cross Rocks New Zealand

SOURCE: Jr. Worlds - LAKE WANAKA, New Zealand (August 28, 2010) ?Ǩ The action was fast and furious in today?ǨѢs freestyle ski cross at Cardrona Alpine Resort in the 2010 FIS Junior World Championships with Switzerland and Norway taking out the honours. The battle in the women?ǨѢs final was fierce with Fanny Smith (SUI) demonstrating how she has earned her top five ranking. After a bad start, she soon took the lead with Katrin Ofner (AUT) hot on her heals, a mistake on the second to last jump saw her lose her lead with Ofner taking full opportunity. However Smith?ǨѢs experience kicked in and she reined in Ofner, taking a smart line on the last berm putting her across the finish line in first place. Meanwhile the battle for second and third was taking place behind her with Ofner just taking silver ahead of Yulia Livinskaya (RUS) and Violetta Kovalskaya (RUS) came in fourth. ?Ǩ?It was a great race and very tough,?Ǩ said Smith. ?Ǩ?I didn?ǨѢt start as well as I could have but I came here to win and I knew that I must win so I did everything I could and it worked!?Ǩ