Today (Nov. 6th) - the FIS has approved the request by the 2011 FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships Organizing Committee to add Ski Slopestyle to its event schedule. These modifications are the solid work of the Organizing Committee, USSA and the FIS to work together in response to the IOC's sudden decision to add Ski Slopestyle to the possible events to be added in the 2014 Olympic Winter Games... URTUR, gives a…

New Registration Platform

When registering for this Seasons URTUR events, you will find a new interface that simplifies your entry into URTUR events thru out the season. Steps: 1) Go To Registration and click on Sign In
2) Fillout out the Sign In Form. ?Ǭ†This should be the athlete. 3) This will create a profile that is password protected and will speed up the registration and paying process for future events. 4) When you choose an even…


Dear URTUR Friends - Mainstream Marketing is performing a major upgrade of the URTUR website to include significant improvements in the following areas: #1 - Webcasting Platform - URTUR is partnering with MobileRider to bring a custom player and direct server connection to our Live Video fans + URTUR is developing a better distribution channel and viewing area for all of our content from FREESTYLE around the world.…

IOC - Says Yes to Ski Halfpipe

The IOC Sports Programme Commission has met and agreed to put forth Ski Halfpipe for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, RUS. The next step is the IOC Executive Committee will meet in the next few weeks to make the final decision. Big Congrats to the FIS for the courage to step forth and put this forward and for all the people who have worked on this process.

AFP World Tour - Current Rankings

Ladies SKI HALFPIPE - Current AFP Standings - 09/15/10 1 GUNNING Megan 450 1 SIGOURNEY Brita 450 3 AUSTIN Mikey 383 4 HAUPT Hannah 360 4 KUZMA Janina 360 6 CRANE-MAUZY Jamie 270 6 LOGAN Devin 270 8 PETERSON Blake 225 8 SEGAL Anna 225 10 HANSEN Keltie 203 Ladies SKI SLOPESTYLE - Current AFP Standings - 09/15/10 1 CRANE-MAUZY Jamie 675 2 GUNNING Megan 495 3 LAMARRE Kim 450 4 HANSEN Keltie 360 4 SEGAL Anna 360 6 RAGETTLI Nina 342 7 LOGAN Devin 270 8 AUSTIN Mikey 203 8 PETERSON Blake 203 10 HARTLEY Kate 180