FIS says, SKI HALFPIPE is a resounding YES!

At 10:45am local time in Antalya, Turkey at the 100th FIS Congress the delegates voted 118 - Yes / 0 - No / 3 - Abstine to put forth to the IOC to include SKI HALFPIPE in the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi Russia. The IOC will now have the opportunity to accept this suggestion as early as September of this year or as late as July of 2011 !!! Big thanks to our ski friends in France / USA / Canada / New Zealand for speaking to the delegates of the floor of the FIS Congress.

US Champs - Aerials + Halfpipe Results

Ladies and Men's Aerials Ladies and Men's Aerials Final Results Ladies and Men's Ski Halfpipe Ladies and Men's HP Complete Final Results

US Freestyle Champs - MOGULS TODAY

Ladies Mogul?ǬFinal Results

Vimeo video from URTUR on Vimeo.

Men's Mogul Final Results

Vimeo video from URTUR on Vimeo.

Aerials and Halfpipe - On Saturday, March 27` &else=`

US Freestyle Champs Info Posted

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Steamboat Dual Mogul Results

Ladies Dual Mogul Results: First Place ?Ǩ KLOSER Heidi ?Ǩ USA
Second Place ?Ǩ HENITIUK Chelsea ?Ǩ CAN
Third Place ?Ǩ DiGRAVIO Alison ?Ǩ USA
Complete Ladies Results Men?ǨѢs Dual Mogul Results:
First Place ?Ǩ HICKS Eddie ?Ǩ CAN
Second Place ?Ǩ ZEMBA Bryan ?Ǩ USA
Third Place ?Ǩ DISCOE Joesph ?Ǩ USA
Complete Men?ǨѢs Results

Vimeo video from URTUR on Vimeo.