Men's Ski HP - Grand Prix Quali Results

Men's Ski Halfpipe - Qualifications

Men's Top 12 - Advances:
1) WISE David - USA - 87.8
2) YATER-WALLACE Torin - USA - 86.4
3) BERTONI Xavier - FRA - 85.2
4) LAUPER Nils - SUI - 85.0
5) WELLS Josiah - NZL - 82.6
6) ADAMS Duncan - USA - 82.2
7) DUMONT Simon - USA - 81.0
8) RIDDLE Mike - CAN - 78.6
9) PERKINS Tucker - USA - 78.4
10) BARRYMORE Wing Tai - USA - 77.4
11) CROOK Peter - IVB - 77.0
12) MARION Dan - USA - 76.6

Complete Qualification Results - CLICK HERE

Photo By: Brian Walker - FREESKIER

Press Release:

SOURCE  - – Shay Williams – 12/07/11 - The North American competition season kicked off today with the US Grand Prix of Halfpipe at Copper Mountain, CO. Today's, under sunny and cold conditions, roughly 70 men took to the stunt ditch in hopes of qualifying for Friday's finals. 

Three heats of 20-24 competitors were assembled, under the familiar "two-run, best score taken" format. The top three scores from each heat would move on to Friday's event (a total of nine skiers) . Other than the top three scores from each heat, the highest three overall scores from all combined heats would move on.

Qualifying from heat one were Switzerland's Nils Lauper, America's Duncan Adams and Canada's Mike Riddle. Nils is known for inhumanly large amplitude which sometimes makes him a bit out of control, however that was no the case today. Duncan Adams is regarded as one of the most stylish and technical switch pipe skiers, shown in today's runs. And Mike Riddle (last year's 2nd place Grand Prix finisher), showcased his technical and lofty runs.

Qualifying from heat two were America's David Wise, France's Xavier Bertoni and America's Simon Dumont. All three were visibly holding back what they were capable of, David's run was the biggest and cleanest of the heat, looking like he barely exerted any effort. Xavier, an X Games gold medalist showed the technical nature of his skiing in today's runs, while Simon Dumont—another X games gold medalist—showed his aggressive and technically sound skiing.

Qualifying from heat three were America's Torin Yater-Wallace, New Zealand's Jossi Wells and America's Tucker Perkins. Torin, who dragged his hands on his first run, put it together on run two, with possible the largest amplitude of the day. Jossi Wells kept both his runs the same, with smooth and fluid skiing, making zero mistakes along the way. And Tucker Perkins, an aggressive and strong skier, showed his technical trickery in today's runs.

The final three qualifiers were Wing Tai Barrymore, Peter Crook and Dan Marion, all of the USA. Narrowly missing out on the finals were Klaus Finne (FIN), Taylor Seaton (USA) and Yannic Lerjen (SUI).

The day may have been chock full of halfpipe skiing, but the vibe felt loose, with music and sunshine permeating all day. And while this is a USSA event, and an American Team Olympic qualifier in the future, the field was stacked internationally with skiers representing Canada, New Zealand, France, Switzerland, Finland, Japan, and many more. The women's qualifiers were set for today as well, but they were pushed to Friday morning. Here is the schedule for Friday's events, all time in Mountain Standard Time.

8:40 am - 10:30 am: Ski Halfpipe Ladies’s Qualifications
12:00 - 1:30 pm: Ladies and Men’s Ski Halfpipe Finals