FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup Sochi (RUS)

This is to inform you that due to lack of snow and continuous warm and rainy weather conditions, the FIS Freestyle Ski Slopestyle WC in Sochi had to be cancelled after the snow control on February 1st, 2013.

The organiser momentarily is undertaking all possible efforts to secure the conduction of the remaining events, the Ski Halfpipe, Aerials, Moguls and the Ski Cross.

The organiser and FIS are also reviewing the possibilities to reschedule the Freestyle Ski Slopestyle event later in the season.

With kind regards,


Kathrin Hostettler
Freestyle Skiing & Snowboard Assistant |

International Ski Federation
Blochstrasse 2
CH-3653 Oberhofen/ Thunersee

Tel: +41 33 244 6165
Fax: +41 33 244 6171 | For your mobile: | |


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