Updated Copper Mountain Information

  1. If you registered for Steamboat all monies carry over to the Copper.  It is the same orgainzer.
  2. When you answered the ticket questions for Steamboat it was only to help with the count,  I recognize that if you said PASS, that was for Steamboat.
  3. Lift Tickets at Copper for Competitors are $37/day.  We are working on the distribution and payment process, most likely at the window, from a list with a bib.
  4. I have requested a Parent Pass Discount, this is still in negotiation. No Gauarantee.
  5. Yes you can walk to the finish area of the course it is about 300 meters.
  6. The Course:  ROSIES' PITCH.  This is the last part of Rosies Run, located in the finish area of the USSA Speed Training Facility.  This run is serviced by the SUPER BEE chair. You have to ski most of Roise's Run to get to the top of the course.
  7. www.coppercolorado.com